Explore the Arab world through this unique collection of more then seven years of Photojournalism.

Author: Hermoine Macura

Publisher: COVA Group

Format: Hard cover, 122 pages

ISBN: 978 9948 160137

Price: $50

    FACES OF THE MIDDLE EAST is a personal and intimate journey told through a collection of images by Australian TV Broadcaster and Producer, Hermoine Macura. Arriving in the Middle East soon after September 11th, when clips of the Taliban and Al Qaeda atrocities were flooding the news on a daily basis, Hermoine began a journey which allowed her to explore unique locations, cities and places unknown to many. Neither a definitive story nor a political statement, FACES OF THE MIDDLE EAST, is the culmination of more then seven years of Photojournalism that documents the existence and rich diversity present in the region.
    Hermoine Macura is the first Australian female English speaking TV News Anchor in the Middle East, and also one of the area's most recognized faces.

    Prior to establishing Straight Street Media in 2012, Hermoine was one of the main Anchors on Dubai One TV's Emirates News. Her portfolio includes the delivery of live-to-air news bulletins, frequently whilst being in the midst of breaking stories both locally and across the Middle East.

    Complementing her role as an anchor, Hermoine has also interviewed a variety of decision makers, and people in the know. From the Duchess of York to Hollywood Actor Michael Douglas, Hermoine has interviewed a wide variety of personalities and government officials in the country.

    Born in Sydney, Australia, Hermoine's love for the people of the Middle East was ignited through her passion for justice and her desire to see peace in the Arab world and among the nations found in the region.
    "FACES OF THE MIDDLE EAST is a remarkable book that presents subtle, original arguments in a stylish visual prose. Macura's subjects unravel another story that remains untold in the West....A beautiful story of humanity and celebration of Arab culture often overlooked in today's world." - Tanja Tanackovic, Manager, Australia.

        "Macura's book was a delight to read, both in the creative experience from the pictures and the educational experience from the content. It is a beautiful expression of the Middle East and its' people." - Katrina Beachy, Business Entrepreneur, USA.
    FACES OF THE MIDDLE EAST is a book that aims to introduce the various ethnic and social groups who reside throughout the Middle East, proof that this part of the world is not, as many in the West mistakenly believe, a monolithic culture. All the photography work was done by Hermoine Macura over a period of seven years. The beautiful calligraphy throughout the book is by calligraphy maestro, Majid Al Yousef and designer, Eman Azab. The poems are from Macura's personal collection during her time in the Arab world. The overall design of the book was done by Sara Semlitsch.